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VGP introduces you to our service of Car Rental with Driver in Italy.
Once in the Bel Paese, you will soon realize how each corner, street, square, road of this country is peculiar for all what Italy is popular. Board our Car Rental With Driver  and you won't miss the opportunity to see the Italian landscape filled with its unique intensity of colors, dialects, flavors, aromas, sights, while they vary across the country and along the way.

Because of historical reasons and geographical facts, travelling with our Car Rental with Driver Italy service would give you the opportunity to appreciate the amazing differences existing between parts of the same country. Each of them a trip into regional diversities shaping your journey into this long time civilized piece of the old Europe.

It’s hard to summarize that through words. Going around with a Car Rental with Driver in Italy, means we will take you along incredibly beautiful roads.
Overlooking the breath-taking Italian Dolomites, the cobblestoned streets of Rome around the Colosseum and close to Piazza Navona. The charming winding Tuscany or Piedmont roads through their world-renowned vineyards, the masterpiece of the coastal road between Sorrento and Amalfi. The sunny roads of Sicily or the final drive to Piazzale Roma in Venice,  where a boat will pick you up to get you at your hotel in the lagoon. The list might go on and on, sounding more and more incredible, but yes, all of that is in Italy.

Book a Car Rental with Driver Italy and we’ll prove you that is true and enjoyable everyday of your trip to Italy.